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Global Perspectives on Megatrends.                                                  The Future as Seen by Analysts and Researchers from Different World Regions.

Here you see an event on megatrends and future research we organised at the Berlin ScienceWeek, Nov. 5, 2022, Humboldt Auditorium

Here is a Blog publsihed by Columbia University Press:

short video on the megatrends book (2022)


Kuhn, Berthold M. with Margellos, Dimitrios L. (2022). Global Perspectives on Megatrends. The Future as Seen by Analysts and Researchers from Different World Regions. Ibidem Publishers (Germany)/Columbia University Press (US)


Berthold M. Kuhn and Dimitrios L. Margellos present a thoroughly reflected analysis of global trends shaping our future. This timely volume presents the insights and expertise from leading researchers, think tanks, and activists from all over the world.
Key megatrends include climate change and sustainability, digitalizati­on, growing inequalities, urbanization and smart cities, the progression towards a green economy, and sustainable finance. Addressing geopolitical shifts and the future of multilateralism, the authors also discuss new trends in democracy and governance, migration, health and nutrition, and civilizational developments like demography, diversity, identity politics, individualization, and shifting gender norms. Based on their own research and a series of interviews with leading analysts and researchers from different world regions, the authors present cutting-edge cont­ent on the future of humanity.

When analyzing global megatrends,diversity of perspective is required. Interviews from internationally recognized scholars and practitioners capture global perspectives and offer readers insight into different research contexts. Highly recommended.” ibidem —Katrin Schweigel, Manager, University Alliance for Sustainability, Freie Universität Berlin



This book presents an analysis of megatrends and emerging issues that will strongly influence different spheres of life in many countries and at different levels, covering political, economic, natural environmental, social, and cultural dimensions.

To identify megatrends, we used the Pentagon Model, a framework developed by Berthold Kuhn in the context of his research and teaching activities at Freie Universität Berlin. It focuses on five criteria to prioritize big trends: (1) level of coverage by research activities, (2) level of political attention, (3) level of interest to global investors and business communities, (4) level of media coverage, and (5) attention paid by social movements.... 

Invitation to Literaturhaus Munich, June 2, 2022

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