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Dr. Berthold Kuhn                                                 Research and Consulting  
with Prof. Zhijia Zhou at Environmental Law Conference, Wuhan University, March 31st, 2012
Wiedersehen mit Prof. Wang Ming und Prof. Liu Qiushi von der Tsinghua University, NGO Research Centre, Feb. 2012 in Peking
Mit GIZ-CIM Kollege Wang Run in Xiamen am Strand, Januar 2012

Meeting with the Governing Body and Chief Execuitve (Ms. Ma) of the Xiamen based NGO Green Cross (January 2012)

Prof. Wang, myself, Ms. Ma, Prof. Zhou from right to left

Macedonia EU Public Sector Reform Project: Developing a Code of Conduct on Govenment-Civil Society Cooperation (March 2011)

Meeting with civil society in Gostivar

With Mr. Muzafer Saliu, President of the European Link Center, Gostivar, Ms.  Vesna Vasileva, Unit for NGO Cooperation, Government of Macedonia, Mr. Folkert Milch, Human Dynamics and others involved in the EU funded project on Public Sector Reform.

With NGO activist Ms. Dragica Popovska of Ezerka, an organisation addressing women trafficking and discrimination issues in the city of Struga (24 Macrh 2011).

Lunch in Prilep with Ms. Vesna Vasileva (Unit for NGO Cooperation, Government of Macedonia), Mr. Folkert Milch (Team Leader Human Dynamics), Milena Sazdovska (Human Dynamics) and our drivers after the Seminar with NGOs.

Ms. Vesna Vasileva, Mr. Folkert Milch and Ms. Milena Sazdovska
Pelister City Restaurant Skopje
carpets at the central Bazar in Skopje
Skopje city centre
Skopje city opposite the soccer stadium

Beijing social enterprise conference December 2010

with Tong Zhuihui Chief Editor China Nonproift Review and Li Changwen Ex. Editor
with Prof. Wang Ming, Prof. Min-Hsiu Chiang, evening out with owner of Tea House & Library Ban Chang Hutong

Pictures of the Evaluation of Decentralisation and Local Government Projects in Senegal, Nigeria, Palestinian Territories (West Bank), Cambodia, Philippines, Vietnam; August to October 2010

The snap shots are taken in between and after our long working days. Enjoy!


Senegal with Minister for Decentralisation and Local Government
Senegal meeting with ARD in Kolda
Senegal meeting with local authorities in Kaoloak
Senegal encouragement to attend school
Senegal meeting in Ndorna
Senegal on the road
Senegal road to Ndorna
Senegal elected local leaders in Ndorna
Senegal Hotel Hobbé Kolda
Senegal Ziguinchor market
Senegal Mosque in Dakar
Senegal Baobab
Senegal 504 familiale...still running in Senegal (border Guinee Conakry)


proud banana vendor
nurse turned activist speaks at townhall meeting in Jos
activists in Jos
with Speaker of Parliament, Plateau State
Meeting with Parliamentarians of Cross River
Meeting with Prof. Akanji in Abuja
Chiefs at townhall meeting in Jos
big market in Jos destroyed
the cruel attack: car bombs in Abuja on Nigeria's anniversary day
President Goodluck Jonathan October 2010
big mosque in Abuja
big church in Abuja
Band in Jos
dancing in Jos
Dr. Pähler at road side market
country side, Jos to Abuja
shoes on sale, Jos market

Jerusalem and West Bank

Jerusalem: wailing wall/western wall
orthodox Jews at wailing wall
jerusalem market gate
from Ambassador Hotel, Jerusalem East
young Arafat on the wall
the wall in west bank
street in West Bank
with the Mayor in Taybeh, oldest Christian village (West Bank)
in Taybeh with Felix Dane, the Mayor and his wife in front of their brewery
enjoying fancy drinks in Ramallah
Bethlehem University


Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat
funeral momuments in Phnom Penh
Phnom Penh
Angkor Wat
Bank building
with Secretary of State, Ministry of Interior, and Ms. Brauer, KAS
meeting with Battambang Council
traditional house
village band near Siem Reap
palm trees
mother with children in village near Siem Reap
means of transport in rural area
Cambodia hospitality
KAS resting from work and travel...


with Dr. Sosmena in Manila
with Dr. Sosmena, founder of LOGODEF and KAS intern in Manila
new LOGODEF team with Prof. Ed Tayao
Manila (golf course)
Sunset at Asia Mall waterfront
sunset Manila bay
University library and archives
with Mayor and pop star James Bong Gordon, Olongapo City


Hanoi fashion city
old and new Hanoi (view from Movenpick Hotel)

soon more



Megatrends Briefing 2024 with focus on China and India.

Our collaborative report involving analysts and researchers from different world regions is out, see Megatrends Briefing 2024. 


FOCUS publications on Minister Habeck's visit to China, June 22, 2024



Workshop on Future(s) Literacy and Global Megatrends, Tongji University, Shanghai, May 10, 2024


Evaluator, European Research Executive Agency, March -June 2024.


Speaker at Asia Philanthropy Forum, Hainan, Nov. 15-17, 2023 


Speaker at 20th Beijing Forum, Peking University, Nov. 2-5, 2023





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